About Me

Welcome to my website. Thanks for stopping by!

I am an Aletta Jacobs Professor in the Economics of Well-being and a Rosalind Franklin Fellow at the University of Groningen and serve as an Editor of the Journal of Population Economics. I am also the Section Editor for “Welfare, Well-being, Happiness” Section of the Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics.

I am a Research Fellow at the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), a Nonresident Fellow at the Brookings Institution  and Bruegel, and a Fellow at GLO. In addition to my academic career, I have demonstrated research experience in leading think tanks and international institutions, such as the Urban Institute, the Brookings Institution, and the World Bank.

I am passionate about research related to the economics of happiness and transition economies.

First, I research the health and (subjective) well-being consequences of migration, labor market arrangements and automation, and entrepreneurship. Second, I investigate the historical and contemporary determinants of socio-economic developments in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

I am looking for collaboration and other opportunities in and outside academia. I enjoy engaging in rigorous social science research which helps inform public debates and generates social value-added.