Work in Progress

Stalin and the Origins of Mistrust (with O. Popova & V. Otrachshenko). Presentation of “Stalin and the Origins of Mistrust” at ASSA 2021 (starts at 27:54). Here. 

Being your boss and bossing others: The moderating effect of supervising others on meaning and autonomy for self-employed and employed people (with B. Nikolaev and C. Boudreaux), Revisions Requested: Small Business Economics

Double-Edged Sword: Persistent Effects of Communism on Life Satisfaction in Eastern Europe (with O. Popova and V. Otrachshenko), Revisions Requested: Journal of Economic History

Beyond Labour as Disutility: A Model of Meaning and Effort (with F. Cnossen and F. Martela)

Work meaningfulness and automation (with F. Cnossen and B. Nikolaev)

The Entrepreneurial Happiness Premium Across Countries (with J. Kleinhempel)